Wireless calling systems

Video demo: 2 to 6 remote system Video demo: 1 remote system

Token display systems

Video demo for product 7
Video demo for product 8

Wireless nurse call system

Video demo for products 10 and 11

Wireless alarm systems

Video demo for products  501 and 502
Video demo for products 503 and 504

Air quality monitors


Video demo for products 101 and 102 (PM2.5 dust monitor)
Video demo for products 105 and 106 (CO2 monitor)
Video demo for products 109 and 110 (VOC monitor)
Video demo for product 111 (LPG leakage detector)

Electronic products and wireless automation Co.

FORBIX SEMICON Co., Estd. in 2009, Bangalore, India is an electronic product and wireless automation company.  We produce a wide variety of solutions for various different market segments.  FORBIX SEMICON products are serving more than 10,000 customer all over the world.  All our products are indigenously designed and manufactured at our facility in Bangalore, India.