Wireless calling systems, wireless alarms, air quality monitors

Wireless nurse call

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Wireless nurse call system is an advanced technological solution to call attendant. The solution incorporates wireless remote controllers with long battery life, range and performance. Wireless calling system has remotes from 1 to as much as 9 numbers. The receiver has indicators for every remote along with alert sound. The wireless calling system uses RF technology at its core. The radio frequency signals has the capability to penetrate through walls and floor. However, intermediate repeater booster can enhance the range even further. Moreover, it is possible to deply more than one repeater for signal forwarding.

Restaurant wireless calling

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FORBIX SEMICON wireless calling system is a very popular solution among restaurants as well. The set consists of 10 to 32 remote controllers. A remote is rather for every table. A common receiver display console stays at the kitchen or reception. Moreover, the remotes have 3 buttons. First, to call a waiter. Second, to request for a cheque/bill. And finally to cancel the call. This solution improves the customer service and hence sales.

Wireless alarms

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An extension of wireless calling systems, if wireless alarms. Widely used in factories, army patrolling or even old ages home security. In an event of panic, pressing panic button activates alarms at various locations. The signal range scales from a few 100 meters to over 2-3Kms. Various different receiver sirens vary from as low as +85 decibels, 108 db to even 118 db loud noise.

Air monitors

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FORBIX SEMICON air quality monitor is an essential commodity for modern day homes. It measures and qualifies the ambient air that we breathe. Factory manufactures 3 main types of air monitors. 1) Dust pollution monitor PM1.0 / PM2.5 / PM10.0. 2) Carbon Dioxide CO2 + temperature + humidity. 3) VOC meter (volatile organic compound) monitor. The air quality monitors comes in 2 physical forms, viz . a table top machine and the hand-held unit. The tabletop unit runs on power supply, whereas the handheld unit on battery.

Repeater signal booster

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FORBIX SEMICON repeater signal booster is the backbone of all wireless solutions. These units helps in improving the range of communication. Whether it is wireless nurse call, panic alarm, restaurant waiter call or even peon call bells. A repeater signal booster is everywhere and silently forwards radio signals.