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Signal booster repeater

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Wireless signal booster repeater units helps in forwarding radio signals, thereby increasing range. Factory manufacture, 3 types of signal booster repeaters. 1) Short range 20-30m indoors (100m in open line of sight clear sky. 2) Medium range 40-60m indoors (around 250-300 meters outdoors). 3) Long range signal boosters 2-3 Kms or even more.


Product Description

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Repeater signal booster

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FORBIX SEMICON signal booster repeater


Signal booster repeater 20-30m

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FORBIX SEMICON medium power signal booster 40-60m


Signal booster repeater 40-60m

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FORBIX SEMICON long range signal booster repeater 2-3Kms


Long range signal booster repeater

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Wireless signal booster repeater

Wireless signal booster repeater unit helps in enhancing the range of transmitter signals. These signal boosters captures the transmitter signals and forward to the receiver units. However it is possible to hop transmitter signals via more than one repeater. This therefore, supports FORBIX SEMICON devices to expand the wireless network. Signals can hence, pass through the walls, ceilings and floors.

In addition, the repeater units help in improving the signal noise ratio (SNR). Suppose a few remotes are out of reach because of complex concrete structures. Therefore, adding a repeater will bring these remotes in range. However, apart of improving the coverage the intermediate repeater have other advantages. Over a period of time the battery power of the remote diminishes. However, a nearby repeater catches the feeble signal and forwards to the receiver. Hence, this gives an impression to the user about increased battery life. As much as 8-10 repeaters can be in a network.

Furthermore, there are 3 types of repeater unit factory produces:
First of all is the short (normal) range repeater. However, it enhances the signal to another 20-30 meters indoors. Moreover, outdoors the range increases to around 100 meters. A medium range repeater enhances range further to 40-60 meters. However, outdoors the unit works for around 250-300 meters. And finally, the high power repeater that works for 2-3 Kms. Though, the high power repeater works for 7L devices only. And it does not work of short range remote controllers.

FORBIX SEMICON signal booster repeater


100m signal booster repeater

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FORBIX SEMICON signal booster repeater for house


Signal booster repeater for house

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FORBIX SEMICON gated community alarm signal booster


Signal booster for gated community

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FORBIX SEMICON farmland alarm signal booster


Signal booster for farmland

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Wireless repeater advantages and configuration

First of all it is possible to improve the range of communication. However, avoid using low range repeaters to forward the signals beyond 200-300 meters. Rather use a high power repeater. Moreover long range repeaters work with 7xx long range devices. The signal range is as much as 2-3 kms. In open line of sight the range increases ever further. Most of all repeater is custom programmed to incorporate the remote. It is therefore, mandatory to consult our factory sales team, before ordering repeaters.

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Signal booster variants

20-30m indoor repeater signal booster, 40-60m indoors repeater signal booster, 2-3Kms Long range repeater signal booster


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