Wireless alarm system, 250 meters, FORBIX SEMICON

Wireless alarm

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Wireless alarm systems with various signal range and alarm volume. 100-300m and even 2-3Kms with 108 decibels and 118 db alarm sound level. Various combinations available of single and multiple remote systems for complete security.


Product Description

FORBIX SEMICON remote control siren


Remote control siren 100m, FBX521+S01

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FORBIX SEMICON remote control wireless alarm


Wireless alarm 300m, FBX621+S01

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FORBIX SEMICON wireless alarm 300 meter loud volume 118 decibles


Wireless alarm 300m, FBX622+S02

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FORBIX SEMICON 10 remote peon call bell


Code blue panic alarm 300m, FBX622+SR02

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Wireless alarm systems

Wireless alarm solution is a efficacious device to alert in case of emergency. Mostly used by security guards to alert in an event of infiltration or fire or panic. The set comprises of a hand held remote operated remote controller. The range of the remote is around 250 meters in open area. However, indoors the range drops to 40-50 meters.  The range primarily is depends on the environmental conditions. Moreover, the second part is the receiver with a wireless alarm attached to it. When the security guard presses the remote controller, the alarm starts blowing. The sound volume level is somewhere 108 decibels. Hence, with 108 db sound is audible from 200-500 meters in quiet areas. However, the range is 30-50 meters indoors.

Available models:

Models: Feature
Range of signal is in open line of sight (LoS)
FBX521 + FBXS01: 100m range remote (FBX521) + 108 decibel alarm (FBXS01)
Top button to turn ON the alarm
Center button to momentarily turn ON the alarm
Bottom button to turn OFF the alarm
FBX621 + FBXS01: 300m range remote (FBX621) + 108 decibel alarm (FBXS01)
Alarm button to activate the siren
Siren automatically turns off after few seconds
FBX622 + FBXS02: 300m range remote (FBX622) + 118 decibel alarm (FBXS02)
Top button to turn ON the siren
Bottom button to turn OFF the siren
FBX622 + FBXSR02: 300m range remote (FBX622) + 118 db and revolving light(FBXSR02)
Top button to turn ON the siren and light
Bottom button to turn OFF the siren and light
FBX622 + WACS01: 300m range remote (FBX622) + 85 decibels beeping sound
Top button to turn ON the buzzer
Bottom button to turn OFF the buzzer
Customized models: 1 remote multiple receivers
Non conflicting broadcast remotes with multiple receivers
Continuous beeping sound on receiver or even continuous alarms

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WAS variants

100m signal + 108 db alarm, 300m signal + 108 db alarm auto off, 300m signal + 118 db alarm, 300m signal + 118db alarm + light, 300m signal + 85 db buzzer sound, 2-3 km panic button + transmitter + 118db alarm


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