FORBIX SEMICON, 6 remote call bell

Wireless calling system

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Wireless calling system comes in variants of 1 remote to as much as 9 remotes. Caller can press the wireless remote controller to summon attendant. Attendant can get buzzing alert on the receiver for every individual calling party.


Product Description

FORBIX SEMICON 9-remote wireless calling system


9 remote wireless calling system, FBXWACS09

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FORBIX SEMICON 8-remote wireless calling system


8 remote wireless calling system, FBXWACS08

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FORBIX SEMICON 6-remote wireless calling system


6 remote wireless calling system, FBXWACS06C

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FORBIX SEMICON 6-remote wireless calling system


6 remote wireless calling system, FBXWACS06

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FORBIX SEMICON 5-remote call bell


5 remote calling system, FBXWACS05

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FORBIX SEMICON 4-remote call bell


4 remote calling system, FBXWACS04

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FORBIX SEMICON 3 remote call bell system


3 remote and cancel, call bell, FBXWACS03C

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FORBIX SEMICON 3 remote old age calling system


3 remote wireless call bell, FBXWACS03

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FORBIX SEMICON 2 point panic call button


2 remote calling system, FBXWACS02

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FORBIX SEMICON wireless opd call bell


1 remote calling system, FBXWACS01

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Wireless calling system

Wireless calling system is a dramatic advancement recent days. This solution has brought high end wireless technology to suit human needs. In addition the wireless calling system serves need in modern offices, clubs, dispensaries. Remote controllers with rather every calling party, to attendant or peon. Moreover, the attendant receiver unit has indicators to show calling party remotes. When there is a necessity, the calling person press the remote that he has with him. However, pressing remote sends wireless radio signals to the receiver unit. Consequently, corresponding number will blink along with buzzing sound. Due to this buzzing sound the attendant gets an alert.

As a result, the attendant services the caller, and then he presses the remote again to cancel the call. The cancel button can be either be with the caller or as a separate remote with the attendant. Hence, this separate cancellation remote helps to avoid any disturbance to the caller.

The wireless calling system supports 1 to as much as 9 remote controllers. Remotes run on battery and the battery life is for rather many years. The remote covers almost 20-30 meters distance, indoors. However, adding repeater boosters enhances the range of communication. Moreover, more than one repeater booster is also possible for even further range. Therefore, adding many repeaters helps in forwarding the signals in a hop mechanism.

FORBIX SEMICON wireless remote controller


Wireless attendant calling system

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FORBIX SEMICON wireless calling system with siren


Wireless calling system with siren

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FORBIX SEMICON wireless repeater booster


Wireless office peon call bell

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FORBIX SEMICON repeater booster


Repeater booster

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Models of wireless system

FBXWACS09: 9 remote calling system
FBXWACS08: 8 remote calling system
FBXWACS06C: 6 remote calling system with additional 2 cancel remotes
FBXWACS06: 6 remote calling system
FBXWACS05: 5 remote calling system
FBXWACS05D: 5 remote calling system with dual indicators
FBXWACS04: 4 remote calling system
FBXWACS04S: 4 remote calling system with volume control and 108db siren
FBXWACS03C: 3 remote calling system with additional 1 cancel remote
FBXWACS03: 3 remote calling system
FBXWACS02: 2 remote calling system
FBXWACS01: Single remote calling system
Customized models: More than 1 receiver is possible
1 remote 2 receiver(top: Rx1, bottom: Rx2)
1 remote 3 receivers(top: Rx1, middle: Rx2, bottom: Rx3)
Continous beating sound on receiver

Features of wireless calling system:

  • First of all, the readymade sets needs no configuration or wiring
  • Moreover, the wireless calling system is very straightforward to use
  • Furthermore, remote controllers serves a range of around 20-30 meters, indoors
  • However, range extender (booster repeater) helps to cover long distances as well
  • Batteries however works for 2-3 years without trouble. And, they are available in any nearby stores, as well
  • Since, there is no wiring involved, therefore, no installation
  • Moreover, there is no future maintenance assosiated
  • Various models available from even 1 to rather 9 remotes. Most of all, have buzzer sound of 85 decibels. A few also comes in variation of high volume sirens of 108 db
  • Moreover, 110-220VAC to 12VDC adapter power plug supplied along with the kit. Hence, it is an easy plug-n-play machine

Applications of wireless calling system:

Wireless calling system used in sizable quantities in offices to summon peons. However, in schools and educational institutions the system finds it place as well. Moreover, in dispensaries, and private consultation rooms, customers use wireless calling system. Because of its simplicity to use the wireless calling system is gaining popularity. Furthermore, the system reliability and longevity has increased the confidence of our designers.

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WACS variants

9 remote, 8 remote, 6 remote, 6 call+2 cancel remotes, 5 remote, 4 remote, 3 remote, 3 call + 1 cancel remote, 2 remote, 1 remote, 4 remote + 108db siren + volume control


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